Neha Muthiyan

Dancing Ahead - Neha Muthiyan

I once read some beautiful lines,” I don’t want my daughter to follow my footsteps. I want her to take a path besides me and go further than I could have imagined”. This really brought out the essence of the Mother-Daughter relationship for me. Every parent wants their child to succeed in her/his professional and personal life. They guide, support, encourage, motivate the striving young blood to be able to choose their way of life and follow their passion.

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Tagore’s Nritya Natya

The Bengali Renaissance brought in a big change in the outlook towards women in society. Many social reformers like Rammohan Roy, Vidyasagar etc took different steps like introduction of widow remarriage, abolition of child marriage amongst women, stopping the practice of “Sati” as well as opening the doors of formal education for women. A substantial change had taken place and more were to come, when Tagore came of age.

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Ruchira Kedar

Bandish: Ally to the Unbound Melody

Ruchira Kedar(nee Ruchira Kale) is one of the leading young Hindustani vocalists in India today and has established herself as one of the most promising torch bearers of Gwalior-Jaipur gharana. She is a foremost disciple of the Hindustani music legends Pt.Ulhas Kashalkar & Vidushi Girija Devi.Her performances are acclaimed for her exceptionally skillful & emotive renditions of a variety of Hindustani musical forms like Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Kajri, Hori etc.

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Ashish Khokar

Manthan-Dance Today

India’s widely read dance historian-critic and columnist, internationally. A simple Google search shows his outreach and impact. He is not on Facebook etc., because he is too busy writing real books! 43 till date, on Indian dance culture, the arts and spirituality. He learnt Kathak from Guru Kundanlal Gangani (1970-75); Bharatanatyam from last devadasi in Delhi, Guru Swarna Saraswati (1967-72)...

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Vidur Mahajan

Sitar - Vidur Mahajan

Vidur Mahajan, an accomplished sitarist, trained under the expertise of Ustad Usman Khan. He is also fortunate to have received guidance from Ustad Shahid Parvez and Ganasaraswati Padmavibhushan Kishori Amonkar. Vidur Mahajan has extensively toured India and abroad claiming more than a few hundred concerts to his credit. An artist, author, thinker, he is also a board member of Studies for Performing Arts, Savitribai Phule Pune University.

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Co-Existence of Arts

Senior disciple of Kathak exponent, Guru Shama Bhate, Vidula is a part of the performing troupe of Nadroop (kathak institution headed by Shama Bhate) and has performed in several choreographies. An art historian and researcher, Vidula has special interest in interdisciplinary studies. Being a topper in indology masters, she is currently pursuing her Phd and presented research papers on relevant subjects at international level.

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In Conversation with - Jonathan Hollander

Jonathan Hollander, president and artistic director; founder and choreographer of the US-based Battery Dance Company, is more than an inspiration for every dancer around. In 1982, he created the Downtown Dance Festival (now renamed Battery Dance Festival) which is known to have become New York City’s longest-running dance festival. After decades of collaborations with Indian art forms, he thinks that there is still a lot left to be explored.

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Shanti Bose: The JourneyContinues

Being a professional dance practitioner, finances are an everyday issue. Apart from battling all issues associated with the tag of a dancer in the society, monetary matters are mandatory troubles one faces. This essay is an attempt to trace how the performances and finances are connected (from the point of view of an Indian Classical Dancer) in the contemporary arena; a larger plane what is it doing to the dance itself.

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Challenges of Adolescent Dancers

It is observed that studies on health, fitness, and injuries of dancers are conducted mainly on professional adult dancers especially dancers from the western countries, pursuing western dance forms like Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Dance. Data on adolescent dancers, from South Asian countries like India, pursuing Indian classical dance, is in dearth.

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National Programme And Akashwani Sangeet Sammelan

Indian music has undergone a phenomenal change in the course of its evolution due to the change in patronage systems. Royal patronage, followed by state and public patronage, altered the course of Hindustani music forever. Among these systems, royal patronage has confirmed to be the most conducive system for the growth of Hindustani music as an art; nevertheless, A.I.R. has been conducive for its propagation which otherwise would have been confined to the elite.

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Let Yourself and Your Skin Dance Away to Glory

Dr. Poorva Shah, primarily a dermatologist from Pune, is a young and promising Kathak dancer creating a niche for herself in the realm of Indian Classical Dance. A student of Guru.Yogini Gandhi, she is currently also taking guidance from Pt. Birju Maharaj. She runs her private practice by the name of ‘Derma Centre’ and also on the faculty and a Consultant Dermatologist at The Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune.

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