A Living Legend - Ritha Devi

It took me some time to recollect my thoughts and proceed with the conversation.
Ritha Devi, a luminous dance personality, an extraordinary scholar and a celebrated critic. A contemporary of legends like the late Indrani Rehman and Yamini Krishnamurthy, she is one of the very few Indian dancers to study and perform all the Indian classical dance styles in their orthodox and original form. The life story

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Dialogue - A Silent Conversation Through Dance

Art for me means to have the urge to attain satisfaction by creating something beautiful and visually appealing! In addition to the basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, the drive and energy for creativity has formed an important part in the evolution of man from apes.

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Pay and Perform Future of Dance

Being a professional dance practitioner, finances are an everyday issue. Apart from battling all issues associated with the tag of a dancer in the society, monetary matters are mandatory troubles one faces. This essay is an attempt to trace how the performances and finances are connected (from the point of view of an Indian Classical Dancer) in the contemporary arena; a larger plane what is it doing to the dance itself.

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Facing the Challenges

'Dance' earned a new dimension when it was brought out of the proscenium. It crossed its own boundaries and became much more than a mere act of entertaining the audience. Dance was now getting closer to self expression. De-codification of a specific dance style gave birth to modern dance which eventually led to contemporary dance we see today. 'Challenging your own physical and emotional boundaries, constantly questioning your own movement.

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Music Therapy In Patients With Dementia.

Taal Inc is an organization that positively influences health and well-being through rhythm, music and the arts. It is the marriage of psychology and the arts to bring to everyday man, the artistic goals and more importantly, the non-artistic goals of ushering music, song or dance into ones lives. Historically speaking, the arts have held a very central position in our cultural lives.

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National Programme And Akashwani Sangeet Sammelan

Indian music has undergone a phenomenal change in the course of its evolution due to the change in patronage systems. Royal patronage, followed by state and public patronage, altered the course of Hindustani music forever. Among these systems, royal patronage has confirmed to be the most conducive system for the growth of Hindustani music as an art; nevertheless, A.I.R. has been conducive for its propagation which otherwise would have been confined to the elite.

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