Loud applause a wonderful platform to connect people with art. Due to its online availability easy to access anywhere anytime.. Articles published give lots of information related to dance & and dancer..Over all a good read...i enjoy reading...thanks

- Chitra Wariar

'Loud Applause' unique dance magazine for art lovers....genuinely working to spread the beauty and the importance of classical dance

- Pradnya Agasti

A Dance Magazine itself is a very creative concept n 'Loud Applause ' contents are very enriching .. reaching out to classes n masses with nuances of the art ... Loud Applause to You !

- Radhika Karve

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A unique plethora of various topics related to Indian performing arts. Something different from the usual set of reviews and programs. Always an interesting read!

- Ojaswita Chaturvedi

Loud Applause is the unique dance magazine. Various inspirational projects like Sanchari Dance film festival, Different workshop of Bharatnatyam And Kathak have been arranged by Loud Applause Magazine. I'm very lucky to attend these all. Looking forward for the same and all the best!

- Anuja Kulkarni

Loud Applause Magazine is an amazing initiative. Today where we rarely get to see dance magazines, this magazine has marked the difference and is enriching the readers with informative articles. Thank you so much Neha Muthiyan, loads of good wishes for future endeavors

- Rama Kuknur

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